Semen Therapy Clinic

Lesson 1

Learn how to swallow semen to receive the health benefits of Semen Therapy.
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· Please be sure the donor is healthy. Swallow his complete load of semen at least three times a week.
· Donor Diet - drink lots of water and take supplement of Evening Primrose Seed (cold press oil or gel capsules).

The Four Elements of Giving a Man Oral Sex

1. The man must ejaculate.

This can take between 3 minutes and 30.
For quick blow jobs try some ladies' advice:
Once you begin the blow job, don't distract the man. Talk only about sex. Don't interrupt to do anything else.
If he asks you do something do it, even if only for a short time, each time.
Masturbate also, so you can orgasm after he ejaculates.
Some men will expect you to "do a routine..." to "perform."
Keep an attractive attitude, but be yourself.
It's your blow job too.
If you won't do it, set your limit. If you want to do some certain thing, insist.
You can do several things he may or not like (at first); use your breasts to make a hole for him to "fuck" (from under, up towards your mouth), rub your nipples with his cock, rub his cock all over your face, use his cock to slap your face (hard), nibble his shaft, lick under the head of his penis, tongue the urine hole, slap his stomach with his cock, lick his ass, finger his ass, etc.

2. It's not really "a blow job," it's more like "sucking a cock."

Slide your mouth down on his erect penis with suction.
Pull it almost out and suck down on it again, over and over.
Keep his penis in your mouth. Keep your teeth away.
Wrap one hand around the part of the shaft that you can't fit into your mouth and move it up and down.
Keep a steady rhythm of sliding your mouth up and down his penis shraft for long periods of time.
Gradually build up to a fast tempo.
Try to fit his whole cock in your mouth, let the head slide down your open throat.
Use the other hand to touch is balls, ass, chest and legs.
Take a break and suck his ball sack. One at a time gently suck each ball into your mouth and lick it with your tongue.
Make "mmmmm" sounds and eye contact.
Another way to rest is to keep your head still and encourage him to move his hips so that he "fucks your mouth," breath.
Masturbate yourself to orgasm.

3. Do not stop until he orgasms and completely ejaculates in your mouth.
Collect all of his semen, gulp if you need to, keep what you can in your mouth.  Breath.
Lick his penis gently (some men can be sucked as well).  Milk his penis until he is empty.
Clean up any semen you see until he pulls away or goes limp.

5. Meditate on the experience of having his semen in your mouth.
Afterward he may need cuddle with you or he may need to say something unkind, every man is different.
You choose when to stay with him and when to head to the bathroom.
Drink lots of water.
This is another good time to masturbate yourself to orgasm.

Lesson 1

Our first lesson is how to start.

If you don't have a man to suck please go to: Adult Friend Finder - "The Sexy Social Network" and ask for a volunteer.

In this lesson a newlywed wife approaches her husband so that she can suck on his penis.

The new bride hides in a dark bathroom in her band new lingerie. Her eager husband waits naked in bed.

She burst out into full view.

She is timid and nervous, this is normal.

She steels herself for an adventure.

She crawls onto the bed and begins...

This woman prefers to lick a man's ball sack before his penis.

Many women prefer to plan ball licking after sucking penis for a few minutes.

She licks his penis first working her way up to the head.

The head is the most sensitive part of the man's penis.

He really enjoys feeling her tongue touching his penis.

When she is ready she aims his penis toward her lips.

She lowers her mouth over the head of his penis and sucks.

She sucks.